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  1. Research // 09.02.2006

    ZEW Energy Market Barometer – Experts Forecast Significant Increase in Gas Prices

    Energy experts assume that natural gas will become considerably more expensive over the next six months, whereas coal and crude oil prices are expected to remain largely unchanged in this period of time. The…
  2. Personnel // 06.02.2006

    State Secretary Dagmar Wöhrl MP Appointed New Member of the ZEW Supervisory Board

    Dagmar Wöhrl, MP, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, was appointed member of the supervisory board at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in…
  3. Research // 02.02.2006

    Integration Subsidies Improve Employment Opportunities of Older Unemployed Workers

    Integration subsidies granted by the Federal Employment Agency help the older unemployed to find a job. Statistical proof of this effect, however, is available for eastern Germany only. There, particularly…
  4. Research // 16.01.2006

    Service Providers of the Information Society – Extra Working Hours and Short-time Labour Counterbalance Fluctuations in Demand

    About 45 per cent of service providers of the information society react to cyclical and seasonal fluctuations in demand by working extra hours and/or hiring short-time workers. In the IT sector, these…
  5. Research // 12.01.2006

    IT-Related Service Providers - Economic Stabilisation at High Level Leads to First Positive Employment Effects

    IT-related service providers concluded the year 2005 with a favourable business outlook. For the first time, positive effects on the job market can be seen as well.
  6. Research // 10.01.2006

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment - Expectations on the Rise

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany increases significantly by +9.4 points in January. Compared with +61.6 points in December, the indicator's current level of +71 points is far above its…
  7. Research // 05.01.2006

    ZEW Financial Market Survey 2006 – Financial Market Experts Expect Moderate DAX Increases in the Coming Year

    In 2005, the German share index DAX grew by 1,000 points, which corresponds to a relative increase of 23 per cent. By contrast, the 2006 gains of the DAX will turn out rather moderate. These are the findings of…
  8. Research // 20.12.2005

    Stock Option Watch 2/2005 Published

    The sixth issue of the ZEW Stock Option Watch focusses on the payment of investment fund managers. The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim publishes the Stock Option Watch as a supplement to…
  9. Research // 16.12.2005

    Start-ups out of Unemployment - Only Minor Impetus for Employment

    Start-ups out of unemployment create far fewer jobs than other business start-ups. These are the findings of a joint study by KfW Bankengruppe and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim,…


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