1. 23.06.2022 · ZEW (mar/biv/mne)
    Industrial change | Regional labour market | Unemployment
     Picture of craftsman with wrench.

    In Germany, as in many other industrialised countries, occupations with predominantly manual routine tasks are generally on the decline. However, this structural change does not affect all regional labour markets to the same extent. How do regional differences affect employees individually and what role do layoffs and job mobility play in this context?

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  2. 21.06.2022 · ZEW (hsh/rha)
    France | Parliament | Germany | Economic Policy
    Image of Holger Stichnoth.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has lost the absolute majority in parliament with his Ensemble coalition. Important reforms thus become bargaining chips. Professor Holger Stichnoth, head of the Research Group “Inequality and Public Policy” at ZEW Mannheim, has commented on this matter:

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  3. 20.06.2022 · ZEW (fbr/rha)
    Digital goods | Financial market | cryptocurrencies
    Graph showing research results on the assessment of possible stablecoin regulations with regard to systemic risk.

    Investors’ confidence in cryptocurrencies is currently being severely tested. The sell-offs on the markets are huge. In the midst of this financial turmoil, the digital token, TerraUSD, collapsed in mid-May this year. The crash caused a sensation because, in theory, it should not have happened, as TerraUSD is a stablecoin. This means that each unit of this digital currency, which is independent of states, banks or companies, should always be worth exactly one US dollar. The stablecoin losing its peg from the dollar was not an isolated case. Even the market leader among stablecoins, Tether, was temporarily quoted below the target price of one US dollar.

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  4. 14.06.2022 · ZEW (kki/deg)
    Green Economy | Climate policy | Climate protection | Financial investment | Europe
    Photo of Karolin Kirschenmann

    Together, the European Parliament’s Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs and on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety have objected to the classification of nuclear power and gas as sustainable investments. Dr. Karolin Kirschenmann, deputy head of the Research Department “Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets” at ZEW Mannheim, has commented on this matter:

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  5. 14.06.2022 · ZEW (msc/fbr/thc/deg)
    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment
    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment | Business survey | Cyclical indicator | Business cycle research | Short-term forecast | Germany | Europe | ZEW Financial Market Survey
    ZEW Index for Germany climbed to -28.0 points

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany climbed 6.3 points to a current value of minus 28.0 points in the June 2022 survey. The assessment of the economic situation in Germany improved by 8.9 points in the current survey, leaving the corresponding indicator at minus 27.6 points.

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  6. 13.06.2022 · ZEW (kvg/rge/deg)
    Thermal energy | Heat pump | Energy transition | Fuel oil | Heating appliance | Climate protection | Fossil fuel | energy mix
    Results of the study shown in a chart.

    Minimum standards can be effective in motivating homeowners to replace gas and oil heating systems. This is the result of a recent study by ZEW Mannheim and the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) Dresden.

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  7. 10.06.2022 · ZEW (fhe/cmb/deg)
    ECB | Monetary Policy | Public bond
     Bar chart on monthly bond purchases by the ECP.

    The ECB will discontinue its net asset purchase programmes at the end of June. A new study by ZEW Mannheim with the support of the Brigitte Strube Stiftung has examined how the bond purchases have been allocated across the various euro countries.

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  8. 10.06.2022 · ZEW (fhe)
    ECB | Monetary policy decisions | Monetary target | Securities Markets | Eurozone
    Picture of the ZEW economist Friedrich Heinemann.

    The ECB Governing Council has decided to end asset purchases at the end of June, clearing the way for a first interest rate hike in July. Professor Friedrich Heinemann, head of the Research Department “Corporate Taxation and Public Finance” at ZEW Mannheim, has commented on this matter:

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  9. 10.06.2022 · ZEW (der/deg)
    Information Services | Processing industries | Ukraine | War | Digitisation
    Bar chart illustrating cyber attack exposure by trade.

    The war in Ukraine poses major challenges for German firms. High energy prices, as well as restricted access to intermediate inputs and products impacts business activities, especially in the manufacturing industry. Larger firms in the information economy and manufacturing industry are preparing for the increasing threat of cyberattacks and have taken precautionary measures. These are the findings of a representative survey by ZEW Mannheim between 17 March and 14 April 2022 among approximately 700 firms in the manufacturing industry and information economy, including the ICT sector, media service providers and knowledge-intensive service providers.

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  10. 09.06.2022 · ZEW (mkn/deg/mne)
    Picture of Professor Dr. Martin Kesternich

    For more than ten years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has funded scientific projects in the field of “Economics of Climate Change”, in which economists investigate efficient ways to achieve climate goals. At the final conference of the funding measure on 30 and 31 May in Berlin, ZEW underlined its prominent role in the German climate economics research network, with ZEW researchers presenting seven projects and co-organising two breakout sessions, and Professor Martin Kesternich participating in the concluding panel discussion.

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