• »At first I was somewhat sceptic how much I could learn in this training, as I have done university lectures (in my mother language) and scientific talks (in English) for quite a long time. However, as I am only human, I thought that I might improve my self-developed skills by the help of a professional trainer. This was justified during these two days, when by smart exercises Ms. Hey pointed out my weaknesses, and certainly suggested the solution. Altogether, from the ca. 10 trainings I participated in our institute until now I found this training as the most "worth of money".«

    Dr. Attila Kovacs, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Transuranium Elements

  • »The "Women and Workplace Communication" course is a very useful course that provides you with new tools to be used on everyday work. The component focusing on women gives an additional perspective that makes it even worthier. I recommend the course not only for the content but, in particular, for the amazing communication skills of the trainer, which are especially suited for it«

    Encarnacion Luque Perez, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Transuranium Elements

  • »I managed to find out those areas for improvements that I do want to take care of in order to improve the effectiveness of my future presentations. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the 2 days, I found it professional but relaxed enough in order to make the whole thing even more effective.«

    Marco Magrofuoco, Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG


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