04.05.2018 · ZEW (ggr)
Public Events

Central bank | Deutsche Bundesbank

Bundesbank boss Dr. Jens Weidmann recently gave a lecture at ZEW on “Communication as a Monetary Policy Tool for Central Banks”. ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach, PhD, had the pleasure of welcoming over 200 guests to the event, which was part of the lecture series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.
04.05.2018 · ZEW (sel)
ZEW Lunch Debate in Brussels

Reform | Eurozone

The current debate over the reform of the European Union has come to a head. The European Commission has proposed creating the office of a European Economy and Finance Minister with the aim of streamlining the many complex and fragmented decision-making processes within the European Monetary Union. This and other proposals would, however, likely require the EU Member States to relinquish further sovereignty rights to the EU. How can these reform plans be successfully implemented and what will the Eurozone look like in the future? Does the idea of a European Finance Minister have potential and what obstacles might stand in its way? These are just a few of the questions addressed at the ZEW Lunch Debate “Reforming the Eurozone: Prospects and Challenges”, an event organised by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, in collaboration with the research network EconPol Europe. The event, held on 2 May 2018 at the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union in Brussels, brought together experts from the worlds of politics and research to discuss this pressing issue facing Europe.
18.10.2017 · ZEW
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Consolidation of the banking sector | Reform actions | Financial crisis

Shortly after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2007, the G20 agreed on a reform agenda consisting of regulatory measures to protect global financial markets from future crises. At this year’s G20 summit in Hamburg, the heads of state and government endorsed a structured framework for the evaluation of the reforms that have been implemented since 2007. What has become of the G20 reform goals? Are economies today really less likely to experience financial crises? And has it become possible to estimate the costs arising from cyclical fluctuations? Where is the interface between financial stability and monetary policy? These are some of the questions Professor Claudia M. Buch, vice-president of the Deutsche Bundesbank, addressed in her lecture, which took place as part of the “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy” series at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim on 17 October 2017. In her lecture, Claudia Buch argued that although financial stability is a national responsibility, global reforms addressing this issue should always be analysed and assessed on an international level.
17.11.2016 · ZEW
Public Events

Reform actions

Professor Christoph M. Schmidt, chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts and president of the RWI – Leibniz-Institute for Economic Research presented the Council's 2016/17 Annual Economic Report at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim on 16 October 2016. In his speech, he shed light on the reforms which the Council considers necessary to be implemented in Germany and Europe. Around 240 guests and high-ranking actors from the realms of politics, science, economics and society attended the Council member's speech, which formed part of the lecture series Mannheim Economic and Monetary Talks.