02.07.2020 · ZEW
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Student competition

There was great excitement surrounding the virtual regional final of the YES! – Young Economic Summit: Who would make it to the grand national final? In the end, two teams prevailed – the Albert-Magnus-Gymnasium Stuttgart mentored by economists from ZEW Mannheim, and the European School RheinMain from Bad Vilbel mentored by SAFE Frankfurt. In addition, the Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium from Maxdorf, also mentored by ZEW, received a wildcard for the federal final in September. ZEW President Achim Wambach, who was live on air, emphasised how “great it is that so many teams, so many teachers and researchers continued despite the difficult circumstances.”
15.06.2020 · ZEW

Economic crisis | Coronavirus | Innovation | ZEWlive

While the citizens of Baden-Württemberg continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the state as a business hub must grapple with the economic challenges posed by it. Many employees are still working in short-time work schemes, and solo self-employed workers fear that they go out of business. Supply chains have been disrupted, while the automotive industry and its suppliers are suffering from a collapse in both domestic and export demand. For ZEW Mannheim’s online event focussing on Baden-Württemberg’s path towards economic recovery from the coronavirus, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut and ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach discussed which economic policy measures the state could adopt in order to overcome the crisis. This is the third time the series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”, moderated by journalist Elif Şenel, was held in digital format for #ZEWlive.
22.05.2020 · ZEW

Mobility | Coronavirus | ZEWlive

The coronavirus crisis and its severe consequences for the economy are currently still the most important problem to tackle. Measures to combat the pandemic have top priority in political decisions. Climate experts are right to point out, however, that the threat of global warming has lost none of its urgency. ZEW took this as an opportunity to discuss the coronavirus, climate protection and the resulting challenges for the transformation of transport systems in the third edition of the newly established digital format, #ZEWlive. The event, entitled “Mannheim’s Transition to New Forms of Mobility”, took place as part of the ZEW series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”. 
20.05.2020 · ZEW

Coronavirus | Solidarity | Crisis management | Shock | Public Debt | ZEWlive

The coronavirus crisis has not only severely affected many European countries, but is also putting European cohesion to the test. While the Member States and institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission are largely united on the need for a European response to the crisis, there is still disagreement on how the aid measures should be implemented. Who will provide the financial means? Should their allocation be linked to reform conditions? And what will happen after the crisis?
15.04.2020 · ZEW
Public Events

Economic crisis | Crisis management | Europe | Germany | ZEWlive

The world is in a state of emergency. The spread of the coronavirus presents us with a situation we have never faced before. Our daily routines have radically changed; economies are struggling as supply and demand are collapsing at the same time. With a recession looming, policymakers are already discussing about how to reboot the economy. The crisis, which poses a crucial test for Germany and Europe, was the focus of #ZEWlive, an event hosted exclusively online for the first time as part of the ZEW event series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.