15.04.2020 · ZEW
Public Events

Economic crisis | Crisis management | Europe | Germany | Enterprise | ZEWlive

The world is in a state of emergency. The spread of the coronavirus presents us with a situation we have never faced before. Our daily routines have radically changed; economies are struggling as supply and demand are collapsing at the same time. With a recession looming, policymakers are already discussing about how to reboot the economy. The crisis, which poses a crucial test for Germany and Europe, was the focus of #ZEWlive, an event hosted exclusively online for the first time as part of the ZEW event series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.
21.02.2020 · ZEW (chs)
ZEW Lunch Debate in Brussels

European Union | Reform | acceptance | Institutional change | ZEW Lunch Debates

How satisfied are citizens with the distribution of power at European level? Can acceptance for the EU increase by making decision-making processes more transparent? These questions were discussed at the ZEW Lunch Debate on “Public Support and Institutional Reform – What Is the Right Way to Go?”, which took place on 20 February 2020 in Brussels at the State Representation of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union. A general consensus was that people wanted to have a say in Europe, including through their national governments.
05.02.2020 · ZEW (chs)

Artificial intelligence | First-Hand Information on Economic Policy | Digitisation

We are currently experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, as the radical breakthrough of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken digitalisation to a new level. Intelligent systems are connecting with each other in real time, they are capable of dealing with everyday situations and even develop creativity. And this is only the beginning. This was the main message of the talk held by Professor Sabina Jeschke, member of the Management Board for Digitalization and Technology at Deutsche Bahn AG, at ZEW Mannheim as part of the event series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.
23.01.2020 · ZEW

ZEW | New Year’s Lecture | Economic policy

It’s not just a new year, but a new decade. What’s in store for Germany, Europe, and the world? In his first New Year’s Lecture at ZEW Mannheim on Thursday, 23 January, ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach talked about which developments will determine the global economy in the near future – and how the EU can position itself to compete with the other two major economic powers, China and the USA.
13.01.2020 · ZEW (sel)
Public Events

First-Hand Information on Economic Policy | Energy transition | Climate Change | Climate policy

Be it the climate emergency, Green Deal, climate conference, or the climate package: Germany is taking climate policy seriously. On 13 January 2020, Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, gave a talk at ZEW Mannheim about where the Federal Republic of Germany stands in terms of climate policy, the energy transition, and how it should all progress. Within the context of the research project “Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change”, Altmaier spoke at ZEW as part of its First-Hand Information on Economic Policy event series before an audience of some 220 guests from the realms of business, science and society. How to shape a successful energy transition in Germany, how democratic climate policy is implemented nationally and internationally, and what role Germany has to play in all of this were focal points of the talk.