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Europe nowadays faces a much more challenging, if not hostile external environment. At the same time, the divisions between East and West, North and South, liberal and illiberal are growing. The past financial and economic crisis has revealed the structural vulnerability of the eurozone. Britain’s decision to leave the EU has made it clear that European integration cannot be taken for granted.

French President Emmanuel Macron promised to re-launch Europe. He expressed the hope that Europe would find “new ambition”, and called for closer cooperation with Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her part, wants to draw up a “common road map” for Europe and deepen social and economic reforms across Europe. However, the follow-up to the Franco-German Meseberg Declaration has been limited.  
Although reform is a common denominator in the discourse of political actors throughout Europe, it remains unclear what exactly this entails or how it can be achieved. What lies ahead for Europe after the May elections depends on how effectively these reform proposals are drafted and implemented. Is it realistic for the EU to draw up a common road map? And where does this road lead – to deeper integration, or does it further strengthen centrifugal forces?

We are delighted to welcome Professor Jean Pisani-Ferry, French economist and former advisor to French President Macron, to ZEW. He will give us an insight into the debate on the future of the EU and share his views on various reform options.

We would like to thank the ZEW Sponsors' Association for Science and Practice (Registered Society) for supporting the lecture series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.


Jean Pisani-Ferry

Professor Jean Pisani-Ferry

Sciences Po Paris, France and Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

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ZEW – Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

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