The Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change


The European Union and individual countries increasingly focus on adaptation to that dimension of climate change that we have already triggered and cannot avoid anymore. Furthermore, in the absence of a stringent global agreement on emissions reductions, much stronger impacts of climate change have to be expected in this century. Therefore, adaptation is essential for a portfolio of strategies in climate policy.

In particular, the following questions are on the research agenda and will be discussed during the conference

  • Will adaptation proceed autonomously?
  • Which elements of planned and policy driven adaptation are crucial?
  • What do we know about adaptation of agents in different sectors from past experience, what can we generalize, how can we transfer these results into our modelling efforts and into our analysis of policy induced adaptation?
  • Also, impact evaluations of climate change crucially depend on the assumptions of the ability to adapt. Which policy instruments are available and for which sectors are they relevant?
  • Do these policy options interact with mitigation policy?

The conference embraces theoretical, empirical and policy oriented contributions. It brings together international scholars to develop concepts and models as well as to present empirical evidence in the analysis of adaptation.

Invited Speakers

  • Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, PIK, Germany
  • Andreas Gobiet, WegenerCenter, University of Graz, Austria
  • Laszlo Szabo, IPTS, Seville, Spain
  • Karl Steininger, Franz Prettenthaler, WegenerCenter, University of Graz, Austria
  • Dirk Rübbelke, CICERO, Norway
  • Stephane Hallegatte, CIRED, France
  • Johannes Kremers, DIW, Germany
  • Hans-Martin Füssel, PIK, Germany
  • Kelly de Bruin, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Reinhard Mechler, IIASA, Austria

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