ZEW and the University of Mannheim jointly organise an online event on the topic of globalisation, technology, and the labour market. We are pleased to announce the talk of Professor Rafael Dix Carneiro (Duke University) on Globalization, Trade Imbalances, and Labor Market Adjustment and the talk of Professor Jeanne Tschopp (University of Bern) on Technological Change, Firm Heterogeneity and Wage Inequality. Both talks are open to everybody and we encourage you to register below (Registration section).. The networking sessions and flash talks are reserved for the workshop participants. This workshop is part of the SEEK research programme.


Rafael Dix-Carneiro

Duke University (Durham, USA)

Jeanne Tschopp

University of Bern (Switzerland)

Scientific Committee

Harald Fadinger

University of Mannheim and Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, United Kingdom

To participate, use this zoom registration link.

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18.09.2020 | 13:50 - 17:45 (CET)

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