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  1. 202124Jun

    Traded Non Tradables

    Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar
    Offshoring Services Through Labour Mobility
    Speaker: Mathilde Muñoz (Paris School of Economics (PSE), France)
  1. 202129Jun

    SynErgie-Workshop on Electricity Market Design

    Designing Markets for Large Shares of Renewables
    Keynote Speakers: Richard O’Neill (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission & Advanced Research Projects Agency, Washington, D.C., USA), Benjamin F. Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA), José Pablo Chaves Ávila (Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain), Natalia Fabra (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain), Frank Wolak (Stanford University, USA)
  1. 202101Jul

    Board Composition and Performance of State-Owned Enterprises

    Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar
    Evidence from Gender Quotas
    Speaker: Audinga Baltrunaite (Economics and Law Division, Bank of Italy, Rome, Italy)
  1. 202105Jul

    Virtual Teams for the Gig Economy

    Research Seminars: Virtual Market Design Seminar
    Speaker: Yan Chen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
  1. 202106Jul

    Public Spending and the Role of the State – History, Performance, Risk and Remedies

    #ZEWBookTalk with Ludger Schuknecht
    Speakers: Ludger Schuknecht (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore), Prof. Dr. Friedrich Heinemann (ZEW)
  1. 202112Jul

    Firm Digital Adoption During COVID-19

    Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar
    Speaker: Tim DeStefano (Harvard Business School, Boston, USA)
  1. 202127Jul

    Rebellion, Rascals, and Revenue – Tax Follies and Wisdom through the Ages

    #ZEWBookTalk with Joel Slemrod and Michael Keen
    Speakers: Michael Keen (International Monetary Fund (IMF)), Prof. Joel Slemrod (University of Michigan, USA), Prof. Achim Wambach (ZEW)
  1. 202109Sep

    Eight Annual MannheimTaxation Conference

    09. - 10.09.2021
    Virtual Edition
    Keynote Speakers: Florian Scheuer (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Wolfgang Schön (Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich)
  1. 202130Sep

    Robots at Work in China

    Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar
    Speaker: Robert Seamans (New York University, USA)
  1. 202125Oct

    Does Green Public Procurement Trigger Environmental Innovations?

    Research Seminars: QUEST
    Speaker: Bastian Krieger (ZEW)
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