ZEW offers a wide range of public events in Mannheim, Berlin, Brussels and other cities. Vivid and intensive exchange of ideas on current economic policy challenges and their long-term impact are at the centre of the conferences, lectures and panels organised for a wide audience. Participants have the opportunity to witness and to debate with high-profile speakers from the spheres of politics, business and society.


Speaker: Dr. Georg Licht (ZEW) , Philippe Gluntz (Paris Business Angels), Dr. Ute Günther (Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND)), Helen Köpman (DG Connect, European Commission), Eurico Neves (Inova+ S.A.), Dr. Maikel Pellens (ZEW)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt (Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts)
Speaker: Dr. Rolf Martin Schmitz (Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of RWE AG)

Participation is free and on invitation only.

Interested? Then get in touch with us at: event@zew.de