Cindy Lopes-Bento joined the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University as an assistant professor in September 2015. Since September 2017, she has been a tenured professor there. Before, she was a post-doctoral researcher at KU Leuven, Belgium, financed under the National Research Fund, co-funded under the Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission (FP7-COFUND-4783141). She obtained her PhD in applied economics in March 2013 (KU Leuven) and holds an advanced master’s degree in economics from UCL, Belgium. During her PhD studies, she spent one semester at Boston University and during her master’s studies at the Technical University of Lisbon. Finally, she worked as a scientific attaché for the statistical office in Luxembourg and as an economic attaché for the European Commission, prior to the start of her doctoral studies.

Her research interests cover the fields of industrial economics and applied micro-econometrics, particularly in the area of the economics of innovation, technological change, and policy evaluation.

Selected Publications