Annette Hillerich-Sigg joined ZEW’s Research Department “Labour Markets, Human Resources and Social Policy” in March 2013. In the Research Area “Education and Labour Market Entry”, she mostly works on transitions from secondary school to post-secondary schooling and vocational training. Her dissertation is supervised by Professor Bernd Fitzenberger (HU Berlin).

Annette Hillerich-Sigg completed her undergraduate studies in Goverance and Public Policy with a major in Economics at the University of Passau. She received her master’s degree in Economics at the University of Mannheim. Her study interests were labour economics and econometrics. In her master’s thesis, she examined the effect of gender diversity in senior management on employment growth. In 2014, the thesis was awarded with the research award “Zukunft der Arbeit” as best master thesis by the Volksbank Weinheim Foundation and ZEW.

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