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ZEWnews English edition 2012

ZEWnews English edition 11/12 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 620 KB)]

  • Patent Thickets Often Thwart Innovation
  • E-Recruitment is One of the Most Popular Methods Among Firms Seeking New Personnel
  • Debt Brakes in Germany’s Federal States by Comparison – Ambition is Often Lacking
  • Economic Slowdown Due to the Euro Crisis – Stability Risks Remain High in 2013
  • Questions & Answers: Is Excessive Patent Protection a Problem for the Economy?
  • Ten Years of Successes and Failures in the Reorganisation of the German Labour Market
  • Conferences: International Conference on the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship (CoDE) Held at ZEW
  • Conferences: Kick-Off Meeting of Major European Climate Project ENTRACTE Launched at ZEW
  • Opinion Regarding Sustainability

In this issue: M&A Report (as PDF, 386 KB)

ZEWnews English edition 09/10 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 1,95 MB)]

  • A Good Professional Training Enterprise Pays Off
  • Low Additional Costs Expected from Emissions Trading in Maritime Shipping
  • Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Hunger Are Systematically Underestimated
  • Effects of Passive Ownership on Competition
  • Selection of Potential Energy Policy Indicators
  • Questions & Answers: Empirical Study on Hardcore Cartels
  • On the Use of Overdraft Credit Lines
  • Conferences: From the Computer to Social Networks
  • Conferences: First Mannheim Energy Conference at ZEW
  • Opinion Regarding Dismissal Protection

In this issue: CO˛ Barometer (as PDF, 621 KB)

ZEWnews English edition 07/08 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 918 KB)]

  • Patents versus Secrecy: Heterogeneous Costs of Disclosure and the Propensity to Patent
  • Broad Funding for Product Innovation Pays Off
  • The Positive and Negative Effects of Market Concentration on Investment Funds
  • Questions & Answers: How Can we Contain the European Debt Crisis?
  • Selection of Potential Energy Policy Indicators
  • Questions & Answers: How will Cloud Computing Change the Way we Work?
  • Spring Meeting of Young Economists at ZEW
  • ZEW Economic Forum: Perspectives for the Euro
  • Opinion Regarding Growth

ZEWnews English edition 05/06 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 862 KB)]

  • Put to the Test: Opposition Party Proposals for Reforming the German Tax System
  • Experiment on the Patience of Child and Mother
  • Questions & Answers: Why Does Germany Fail to Attract Foreign Skilled Workers?
  • How to Assess a Tax on Financial Transactions
  • International Conference to Celebrate the Kick-Off of the Leibniz ScienceCampus MaCCI
  • 2nd SEEK Conference: The Green Growth Challenge
  • Opinion Regarding Web Chatter

In this issue: M&A Report (as PDF, 1,5 MB)

ZEWnews English edition 03/04 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 2,28 MB)]

  • Environmentally Friendly Process Innovations Encourage Hiring of New Employees
  • Falling Profit Margins in E-commerce as Product Life Cycles Lengthen
  • Business Tax Rates Remain Low, Despite the Crisis
  • In-house Recognition Awards Motivate Award- Winners to Perform Better
  • Excellence Labels and University Rankings Influence University Choice Only Moderately
  • Questions & Answers: Strengthening Competition, Optimising Regulatory Interventions
  • Effects of Minimum Wages on the Roofing and Waste Management Industry
  • Opinion Regarding The Debt Brake

ZEWnews English edition 01/02 - 2012

[Download (as PDF, 859 KB)]

  • VC Investors Increase Growth, Productivity, as Well as Investment and Innovation Performance
  • Family Businesses Create a Lot of New Jobs
  • Climate Change: On the Relationship Between Knowledge, Risk Perception, and Insurance
  • Taking the Lead in Innovation - Successful Internationalisation of German ICT Companies
  • Questions & Answers: Rating Agency Reform Is Needed Urgently
  • Innovation in the German Telecommunication Industry Still Lags Behind the Others
  • Successful Third ICTNET Workshop at ZEW
  • ZEW/Bruegel Workshop in Brussels
  • Opinion Regarding Mortal Sins


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