ZEWnews reports on research findings, workshops and seminars, new publications, as well as upcoming events. ZEWnews English edition is published six times a year and is delivered free of charge. The German Edition is published ten times a year.

ZEWnews English edition 07/08 - 2017


  • An “Energy Brexit” Would Hurt Britain More Than the European Union
  • How Cum-Ex and Cum-Cum Deals Led to Billions of Euros in Lost Tax Revenue
  • How Can German Cities Handle the Mad Dash for Nursery School Places?
  • Q&A: Do Minority Shareholdings Damage EU Competition?
  • Cuts in EU Agricultural Budget Long Overdue
  • Change in Sentiment – Europe May Benefit from Donald Trump’s Presidency
  • ZEW President Wambach on Economic Growth in China: Too Stable to Be True?
  • First-Hand Information on Economic Policy – Automation Is Changing the Way We Work
  • Opinion Regarding: Measuring the Unmeasurable – The Value of a Clean Environment

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