ZEWnews reports on research findings, workshops and seminars, new publications, as well as upcoming events. ZEWnews English edition is published six times a year and is delivered free of charge. The German Edition is published ten times a year.

ZEWnews English edition 01/02 - 2017


  • The Effects of the Influx of Refugees on Jobs, Voting Behaviour and Crime Rate
  • German SMEs: Successfully Exploited Market Niches Are No Guarantee for Future Success
  • Effective Tax Burden for US Businesses Falls to Average European Level
  • Prohibition of Booking.com's Best Price Clause Intensifies Direct Marketing of Hotels
  • Price Increases for the "Last Mile" Increases Demand for High-Speed Broadband Internet
  • Is the ECB Really Derailing Climate Policy?
  • A Fiscal Insurance Mechanism Must not Lead to Permanent Transfers Between Members
  • Anniversary Celebration – 25 Years of Excellent Research and Policy Advice at ZEW
  • The Looming Giants


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