ZEWnews reports on research findings, workshops and seminars, new publications, as well as upcoming events. ZEWnews English edition is published six times a year and is delivered free of charge. The German Edition is published ten times a year.

ZEWnews English edition 09/10 - 2017


  • Cross-Country Comparison – Economic Crises Increase Inequality in the United States
  • Innovation Indicator „† – Germany Comes in Fourth Place Globally for Innovation
  • United States: Strategically Changing a Movie’s Release Date Drives up Sales
  • Q&A: How Achievable Are the Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement Today?
  • Highly Digitalised Companies Show Greater Resilience in Times of Crisis
  • Corporate Leniency Programmes Are Effective in the Fight Against Cartels
  • Hard Times for German Car Industry
  • Young Chinese Economists Visit ZEW
  • ZEW Well-Represented at EEA-ESEM
  • Opinion: Gathering New Data for Efficient Transport Policies

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