ZEWnews reports on research findings, workshops and seminars, new publications, as well as upcoming events. ZEWnews English edition is published six times a year and is delivered free of charge. The German Edition is published ten times a year.

ZEWnews English edition 11/12 - 2016


  • Equal Opportunities: Political Participation Is Limited for US Citizens
  • Minimum Wage in Germany – Burden on Young Companies Greater than Expected
  • State Aid for Expanding Broadband Access Slows Rural Depopulation
  • Post-Brexit EU: Franco-German Consensus on Defence and Immigration Policy
  • Patents and Trade Secrets Help Companies Achieve Higher Revenues for New Products
  • Supplier Conflicts Bring VW Production to Halt
  • Q&A: How Will We Work in the Digitised World of the Future?
  • ZEW – A Mission with a Focus on Europe
  • Opinion Regarding: In the Wake of Trump’s Victory, Uncertainty

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