The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany has increased by 3.2 points in October 2013. The indicator now stands at a level of 52.8 points (historical average: 23.9 points), its highest mark since April 2010.

ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment October 2013

"The financial market experts remain optimistic. At present a greater impact of the debate on the debt ceiling in the US is not visible", says ZEW President Prof. Dr. Clemens Fuest. The assessment of the current economic situation for Germany has slightly worsened in October. The respective indicator has fallen by 0.9 points and now stands at the 29.7 points-mark.

Economic expectations for the Eurozone have marginally increased in October. The respective indicator has improved by 0.5 points to 59.1 points. The indicator for the current economic situation in the Eurozone has decreased by 1.2 points to a level of minus 60.9 points.

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