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News tagged with „Unemployment insurance“

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July 2015

28.07.2015 – ZEW (fhe/ggr)

ZEW Researchers Present Proposal for European Fiscal Union

The dispute over a solution to the Greek sovereign debt crisis has revealed the major shortcoming of eurozone crisis management: there is no effective strategy to enforce negotiated reforms and budget cuts if a member of the European Economic and Monetary Union is not playing by the rules. Researchers from the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) stress that the institutional structure of the euro area is in need of reform. They also make a practical proposal on how to create a functional European Fiscal Union. read more

November 2014

07.11.2014 – ZEW (ape/fkr/jpr)

ZEW Study on Stabilising and Transfer Effects in the Euro Area - European Unemployment Insurance Faces Dilemma

More substantial fiscal integration in Europe by way of a common unemployment insurance scheme for eurozone member states? This question is currently a subject of intense discussion. Would an automatic stabiliser like this necessarily turn Europe into a transfer union? A current study by ZEW shows that a European Unemployment Insurance would have cushioned the impact of the recent crisis in the most embattled euro area member states. Germany would have been a net contributor in the period between 2000 and 2013 despite the rather weak economic situation at the turn of the millennium. In future crises, however, burden-sharing might take a different turn. read more

March 2010

04.03.2010 – ZEW (hsh/kbo)

High Percentage of Unemployed Immigrants Hardly Lowers the German Population's Approval of Unemployment Benefits

The unemployment benefits by the government enjoy a high level of approval by the German population. A high percentage of unemployed immigrants does not change this fact. An increase in the percentage of unemployed immigrants by one percentage point lowers the approval of unemployment benefits by the government by only 0.014 points on a scale from zero to five. This is the finding of a study conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. The study analyses the relation between the regional percentage of unemployed immigrants and the general approval of German citizens towards unemployment benefits by the government. read more

June 2005

07.06.2005 – ZEW (raw/asn)

Extending the Entitlement to Unemployment Benefits is a Mistaken Approach

The duration of entitlement to unemployment benefits for employees who have worked a long time within the same company should not be extended. read more


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