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News tagged with „Staff requirement“

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November 2010

03.11.2010 – ZEW/KfW (Höpfner/hfr)

KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel 2010 - There's Light on the Horizon

Young firms in Germany have coped considerably well with the economic crisis. Their turnover and profit situation proved stable and, according to the firms, will improve next year. "Young firms consider themselves well positioned after the economic and financial crisis. The positive profit expectations for 2010 confirm this. The firms have actively faced the crisis and have concentrated on their strengths by adjusting their products to their clients’ demands. At the same time, young firms have invested less then they had planned due to financing problems," says Dr. Axel Nawrath, member of Managing Board of KfW Bankengruppe, today at the press conference on the "KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel 2010" in Frankfurt. The third KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel, a cooperation of KfW Bankengruppe, the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) Mannheim and credit rating agency Creditreform, analyses the development of economically active start-ups since their foundation. read more

October 2009

19.10.2009 – ZEW/KfW/Creditreform (Höpfner)

KfW/ZEW-Gründungspanel – Little activities by young firms, but positive outlook for 2009

The financial and economic crisis also affects start-ups and young firms.48 percent of young firms in Germany stated that they were affected by negative consequences of the economic and financial crisis in the early summer 2009. The order situation (41 percent report less orders) and turnover and profit situation (43 percent and 40 percent report a worse situation) were particularly affected. These are the findings of the KfW/ZEW-Gründungspanel, which tracks start-ups from their foundation and reports their development over time. The findings of a second survey including start-ups of the years 2005 to 2008 were presented today by KfW, ZEW and Creditform representatives in the KfW Bankengruppe in Frankfurt. read more


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