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News tagged with „Economic Growth“

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November 2014

10.11.2014 – ZEW (bpe/ggr/jpr)

Impressive Employment Balance for Innovators even in Downturn Periods

Service and product innovations are considered to be the most important engines for economic and employment growth. Against this backdrop, we often forget that innovations can also be a source of jobs destruction. The overall employment balance of innovative firms, however, is clearly positive. read more

September 2014

15.09.2014 – ZEW (ole/ggr/jpr)

ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer - Government Industrial Policy Raises Skepticism Among German Managers in China

Skepticism is increasing among managers of German firms in the People’s Republic concerning regulatory conditions in the world’s second largest economy. The majority of decision-makers, however, still expect the trade activities of German firms in China to grow in the upcoming six months. This is the key result of the ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer in the third quarter of 2014. The ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer surveys executives of German firms in China about their expectations regarding the overall macroeconomic development, the development of the legal and regulatory environment, as well as investment and merger activities in various industries. read more

March 2014

28.03.2014 – ZEW/PwC (gla/kbo)

ZEW-PwC Indicator of Economic Sentiment China – Cautious Start into the "Year of the Horse" – Indicator of Economic Sentiment China Falls Slightly

The prospects for the Chinese economy have slightly deteriorated since the beginning of 2014, according to estimates of German executives. The current ZEW-PwC Indicator of Economic Sentiment China shows that 20 per cent of the respondents have come to expect a slowdown in business dynamics over the next twelve months. In the previous survey (November 2013), it was merely one out of ten executives with commercial relations to China who expected a slowdown in growth. read more

January 2012

25.01.2012 – ZEW (fmo/kbo)

Survey Among Financial Market Experts - Altogether Rather Low Risk of Recession in Germany

In January, ZEW asked financial market experts to assess the risk of a decline in German GDP in the first quarter of 2012. According to the experts, this risk has increased since the last interview October 2011. But still, the more popular view among the respondents is that there will be at least a small positive growth rate of the German GDP during this year’s first three months. The experts are more optimistic about the second quarter 2012. They consider the ehances of a positive growth of the German GDP higher than for the ongoing first quarter. These are the findings of a survey among approximately 200 financial market experts, conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in January 2012. read more

March 2011

08.03.2011 – ZEW (ggr/kbo)

EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science and Minister President of Baden-Württemberg Speak at SEEK Kick-Off Conference at ZEW

"Baden-Württemberg has become one of the most dynamic places in Europe, and is strongly committed to keeping its leading position as a region of innovation by maintaining investment in education and research," Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science said while visiting the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). Together with Stefan Mappus, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, she visited the kick-off conference of the SEEK research programme at ZEW in Mannheim. On 4-5 March 2011, some 200 participants from 20 countries discussed about knowledge and innovation as the basis for sustainable and smart growth in Germany and Europe. read more


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