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News tagged with „Banking crisis“

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January 2010

25.01.2010 – ZEW (mko/ggr)

ZEW Survey Among Financial Market Experts Draw Conclusion of Financial Crisis - Changes in Supervisory Board Structure Mandatory

The banks’ supervisory boards have not fulfilled their control function properly over the last few years and therefore are partly responsible for the crisis on the financial markets. The government definitely has to improve the supervisory board structure in banks. Priorities lie on higher requirements regarding the qualification and experience of board members, a limited number of mandates held by each board member and reinforcing the rights on information of the supervisory board towards the board of directors. A longer retention period when changing from the board of directors to the supervisory board is to be considered. These are the clear findings of a current survey conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim among 222 financial market experts within the monthly ZEW financial market test. read more


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