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Dr. Stefan Lutz [ D ]
Dr. Stefan Lutz

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Dr. Stefan Lutz

Stefan Lutz is a former member of the ZEW staff. The Information on this site reflects the status at the point of leaving ZEW.

Selected Publications

Publications in refereed Journals

Lutz, Stefan and Oleksandr Talavera (2004), Do Ukrainian firms benefit from FDI?, Economics of Planning, forthcoming.

Lutz, Stefan and Mina Baliamoune-Lutz (2003), Mutual Recognition of National Minimum Quality Standards may Support Regional Convergence, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 3(4), 293-311.

Herguera, Inigo and Stefan Lutz (2003), The Effect of Subsidies to Product Innovation on International Competition, Economics of Innovation and New Technology 12(5), 465-480.

Lutz, Stefan, Thomas P Lyon and John W Maxwell (2000), Quality Leadership When Regulatory Standards Are Forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Economics 48(3), 331-348.

Lutz, Stefan (2000), Trade Effects of Minimum Quality Standards With and Without Deterred Entry, Journal of Economic Integration 15(2), 314-344.

Herguera, Inigo and Stefan Lutz (1998), Oligopoly and Quality Leapfrogging, The World Economy 21(1), 75-94.

Lutz, Stefan (1997), Vertical Product Differentiation and Entry Deterrence, Journal of Economics 65(1), 79-102.

Lutz, Stefan (1997), A Comment on a Model of Financial Intermediation: Market Signalling in the Long Run, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 216(3), 373-380.

von Hagen, Jürgen and Stefan Lutz (1996), Fiscal and Monetary Policies on the Way to EMU, Open Economies Review 7(4), 299-325.

Publications in Journals

Herguera, Inigo and Stefan Lutz (2001), Protection by Regulatory Standards: An Example with Forced Exit, NaUKMA Scientific Notes - Economics 19, 18-22.

Walzer, Norman and Stefan Lutz (1990), Revenue-Raising Capacity of Illinois Municipalities, 1982-1986, Illinois Municipal Review, 15-17.

Monographs, Articles in Anthologies

von Hagen, Jürgen and Stefan Lutz (1997), Fiskal- und Geldpolitik auf dem Weg zur Europäischen Währungsunion, in: D. Duwendag, Szenarien der Europäischen Währungsunion und der Bankenregulierung, Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik Bd. 248, Berlin, 11-49.

Lutz, Stefan (1993), Vertical Product Differentiation, Minimum Quality Standards, And International Trade Policy, Ph.D. Dissertation, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Lutz, Stefan (1989), The Aggregate Investment Function: An Econometric Study, M.A. Thesis, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois.

Discussion Papers and Working Papers

Lutz, Stefan, Oleksandr Talavera and Sang-Min Park (2003), The Effects of Regional and Industry – Wide FDI Spillovers on Export of Ukrainian Firms, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 03-54, Mannheim. Download

Lutz, Stefan (2003), International Coordination of Quality Standards and Vertical Product Differentiation, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 03-41, Mannheim. Download

Lutz, Stefan (2003), Europäische Steuerkoordination und die Schweiz, ZEI Working Paper B03-03, Bonn. Download

Lutz, Stefan (2002), Trade Policy: 'Institutional' vs. 'Economic' Factors, ZEI Working Paper B02-25, Bonn.

Lutz, Stefan (2002), The Effects of Quotas on Vertical Intra-Industry Trade, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 02-61, Mannheim. Download

Lutz, Stefan and Oleksandr Talavera (2001), FDI and Ukrainian Firm Performance (Ukrainian Text), Institut Reform, Economic Essay No. 2(10), Kiew.

Lutz, Stefan and Alessandro Turrini (2000), Skills, Labour Costs, and Vertically Differentiated Industries: A General-Equilibrium Analysis, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 2373, London. Download

Lutz, Stefan and Mathias Moersch (1999), Kapitalmarktzinsen in Deutschland, USA und Japan, DG Bank AG, Konjunktur und Kapitalmarkt Mai/Juni 1999, Frankfurt.

Hechler-Faydherbe, Nannette and Stefan Lutz (1998), How Euro Exchange Rates Will be Fixed, EMU Monitor, UBS Economic Research, Zürich.

Hechler-Faydherbe, Nannette and Stefan Lutz (1998), Die Fixierung der Euro-Wechselkurse, EMU Monitor, UBS Economic Research, Zürich.

Lutz, Stefan (1998), Can Taxing Foreign Competition Harm the Domestic Industry?, ZEI Policy Paper B98-15, Bonn. Download


Finished Projects

The European Automotive Industry: Competitiveness, Challenges, and Future Strategies


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