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Matthias Köhler [ D ]
Matthias Köhler

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Matthias Köhler

Matthias Köhler is a former member of the ZEW staff. The Information on this site reflects the status at the point of leaving ZEW.

Selected Publications

Publications in refereed Journals

Köhler, Matthias (2010), Ownership Structure, Regulation and the Market for Corporate Control in the EU Banking Sector, European Journal of Law and Economics.

Köhler, Matthias (2009), Transparency of Regulation and Cross-Border Bank Mergers, International Journal of Central Banking Vol. 5(1), 39-74.

Publications in Journals

Gropp, PhD, Reint and Matthias Köhler (2010), Reform der Aufsichtsräte von Banken - Lösung des Problems?, Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen 14, 22-24.

Köhler, Matthias (2010), Social Banking kein Strohfeuer, Bank und Markt 10, 42-44.

Köhler, Matthias (2010), Geschäftsmodelle im Wandel - Banken setzen wieder verstärkt auf den Privatkunden, Bankpraktiker 2, 10-13.

Köhler, Matthias (2009), Der Einfluss des Staates im Finanzsektor wächst, Going Public 8/9, 50-51.

Köhler, Matthias (2009), Der Staat wird Banker, Die Aktiengesellschaft 16, R355-R356.

Köhler, Matthias (2009), Auslandsbanken zielen verstärkt auf das Mengenkundengeschäft, Bankpraktiker 3, 104.

Köhler, Matthias (2008), Alternative Filialkonzepte auf dem Vormarsch, Bank und Markt 12, 33-35.

Köhler, Matthias (2008), Trends im Retail-Banking: Ausländische Banken auf dem Vormarsch, Finanzbetrieb 11, 720.

Köhler, Matthias (2008), Europas Banken im Umbruch, Going Public 5, 56-57.

Monographs, Articles in Anthologies

Köhler, Matthias (2010), Corporate Governance in Banks: Germany, in: A. Kostyuk, F. Takeda and K. Hosono, Anti-Crisis Paradigms of Corporate Governance in Banks: A New Institutional Outlook.

Köhler, Matthias (2007), International Capital Mobility and Current Account Targeting in Central and Eastern European Countries, in: Klaus Liebscher, Josef Christel, Peter Mooslechner, Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald, Financial Development, Integration and Stability, Evidence from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Cheltenham, UK, 489-508.

Discussion Papers and Working Papers

Gropp, PhD, Reint and Matthias Köhler (2010), Bank Owners or Bank Managers: Who is Keen on Risk? Evidence from the Financial Crisis, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 10-013, Mannheim. Download

Köhler, Matthias (2010), Corporate Governance and Current Regulation in the German Banking Sector: An Overview and Assessment, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 10-002, Mannheim. Download

Köhler, Matthias and Gunnar Lang (2008), Trends im Retail-Banking: Outsourcing im deutschen Bankensektor, ZEW Dokumentation Nr. 08-04, Mannheim. Download

Köhler, Matthias (2008), Trends im Retail-Banking: Ausländische Banken im deutschen Bankenmarkt, ZEW Dokumentation Nr. 08-03, Mannheim. Download

Köhler, Matthias and Gunnar Lang (2008), Trends im Retail-Banking: Die Bankfiliale der Zukunft, ZEW Dokumentation Nr. 08-01, Mannheim. Download

Köhler, Matthias (2007), Merger Control as Barrier to EU Banking Market Integration, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 07-082, Mannheim. Download


Köhler, Matthias and Peter Westerheide (2006), Impact Assessment of Clearing and Settlement Regulations, Mannheim. Download


Finished Projects

Assessment of Germany as a Financial Centre

Attractiveness of Financial Centres: An Empirical Analysis of the Location Factors in the Mutual Fund Industry

Development of M&A markets during and after the crisis

The consequences of regulation differentials in the European banking market for market integration and systemic stability

The Social Significance of Investment Funds

ZEW- Indicator of Sentiment for the World Economy


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