Mission Statement

The “Competition and Regulation” Research Group primarily studies competition and regulation in network industries as well as competitive strategy and competition policy. The goal of this research is to encourage the adoption of experience and evidence-based competition and regulatory policies. The Research Group systematically takes into account incentives created by laws and law enforcement as well as the strategic behaviour of firms. Interdisciplinary collaboration with legal, business, and engineering scholars is particularly important in the Research Group’s work. Studying this broad and complex subject area necessitates a variety of methods and approaches, including economic investigations of legal practice, market studies, an analysis of incentives arising from existing legislation (which may include comparisons between laws and institutions), and the empirical examination of effects on firm behaviour. Researchers also use applied theoretical and empirical analyses to generate basic insights into the behaviour of market actors beyond the effects of law and its enforcement. 


Speaker: Giulio Federico (Barcelona Graduate School of Economics)
Speaker: Prof. Murat C. Mungan (George Mason University, Arlington)