Retail investors often shy away from risky investments due to a lack of financial knowledge or a lack of access to unbiased advice. Computer-based decision support systems have the potential to be useful investment aids to guide people to a share of risky investments which fits their needs and their preferences. Because the sources of financial mistakes vary for different individuals and in different situations, computer-based decision support systems should take individual user characteristics and situational factors into account. Our research aims to examine the effect of individual characteristics, the information presentation and their interaction on the usefulness of decision support system.

Project duration

01.10.2016 - 31.12.2017


Project members

Dr. Verena Dorner
Felix Fritz
Dr. Zwetelina Iliewa
Prof. Dr. Alexander M├Ądche
Benedikt Notheisen
Martin Weber
Prof. Dr. Christoph Weinhardt


ForDigital, Karlsruhe, DE