The Research Area Comprises:

    • Identification of Optimal Auctions
    • Minimising the Possibility of Non-Competitive Behaviour
    • Analysis of Dynamic Sales Environments

The research area "Auction Market Design" focuses on the analysis and design of specific auction markets. Examples include the public sale of energy, government bonds and mobile radio frequencies. The aim of the analysis of auction markets is to identify optimal auction formats and to examine the extent to which they can be implemented. Thereby, it is important to take into account the specific market environment and the actual behaviour of the bidders. Amongst other things, the options of a bidder to hinder competition, for example through collusion with other bidders, needs to be taken into account. In particular, it is important to consider the individual auction as part of a dynamic and changing environment. This enables the analysis of the long-term impact the design has on incentives for innovation and on competition.



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