Mission Statement

The “Digital Economy” Research Department studies the impact of digitalisation on economic processes. It investigates changes in production, innovation, and the working world brought about by digitalisation, as well as digital markets and platforms. The Research Department's work provides a foundation for evidence-based policy decisions in order to allow the benefits of ICT for smart value-added production, sustainable usage of natural and immaterial resources, and inclusion of people in the generation of knowledge and wealth to be leveraged at the national and European levels. Methodologically, researchers conduct empirical research, using econometric methods to analyse data gathered from in-house company surveys, Internet platforms, and macroeconomic databases. This makes the Research Department an important centre in Germany for the economic analysis of digitalisation.


Keynote Speakers: Ginger Zhe Jin (University of Maryland, USA), Feng Zhu (Harvard Business School, Boston, USA)
Keynote Speakers: Michael Luca (Harvard Business School, Boston), Prof. Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang (ZEW)