Mission Statement

The Research Department "Labour Markets, Human Resources and Social Policy" investigates institutions and working conditions in firms that may facilitate the development of smart, sustainable and inclusive European labour markets. Research questions include: how can we prevent poverty and social exclusion occurring as a result of long-term unemployment? What kind of human capital helps individuals to adapt to the challenges of globalisation, technological and demographic change? Answering these questions entails the study of human capital formation in both the education system and on the job, evaluation of social policies, analysis of human resource management strategies and investigation of micro-level adaptation mechanisms to macro-level changes. To successfully tackle these issues, the Research Department specialises in econometric impact assessment methods, including structural approaches, and in the analysis of linked employer-employee data. The Research Department offers scientifically rigorous policy advice mainly on questions concerning structural changes in labour markets and the design of efficient labour market, education and family policies.

Events and Professional Training

Speaker: Gaetano Basso, PhD (Bank of Italy)