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ZEW International Conference on the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship (CoDE)


The formation, growth and exit of firms are crucial for innovation, employment and structural change in modern economies. The aim of this conference is to discuss recent scientific contributions on the interdependencies between finance, human capital, innovation activities and investment activities of young firms. Papers introducing recent theoretic, econometric and policy-oriented studies from all areas of the entrepreneurship research will be presented.

List of Topics (non-exhaustive)

  • Personal traits and motivation of entrepreneurs, genetics and entrepreneurship
  • Human capital of founders and entrepreneurial experience
  • Socio-demographic aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Incubators, corporate and academic spin-off
  • Venture capital, business angels, and banks as sources of finance
  • Bankruptcy and firm turnover
  • Entrepreneurship and taxation
  • Impact on employment, wages, and workplace quality
  • Impact and efficiency of public entrepreneurship policies

Invited Speakers

  • Massimo Colombo (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Maryann Feldman (University of North Carolina)
  • Franco Malerba (Bocconi University)
  • Lars Persson (IFN Stockholm)
  • Roy Thurik (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Scientific Committee

  • Martin Carree (Maastricht University)
  • Michael Fritsch (University of Jena)
  • Katrin Hussinger (Maastricht University)
  • Keld Laursen (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Georg Licht (ZEW)
  • Francesco Lissoni (University of Brescia)
  • Philippe Mustar (CSI Paris)
  • Hiroyuki Okamuro (Hitotsubashi University Tokyo)
  • Alicia Robb (USCS Santa Cruz, Kauffman Foundation Kansas City)

Panel Discussion on the Financing of Entrepreneurship

  • Alexander von Frankenberg (High-Tech-Gründerfonds)
  • Peter Hofelich (Member of Parliament of Baden-Württemberg and Government Representative for SMEs and Craft-Based Industries)
  • Dr. Christian Tidona (CEO of BioRN Cluster Management)
  • Reinhilde Veugelers (European Commission)
  • Karen Wilson (OECD)

Call for Papers

Call for Papers (as PDF, 220 KB)

Final Programme

Preliminary Programme (as PDF, 219 KB)

Submission Deadline

June 16, 2012. Interested researchers are invited to submit a paper or an extended abstract (min. 3 pages) to entrepreneurship2012@zew.de. Notifications on acceptance will be made no later than July 16, 2012.


To register for the conference, please use the following link to our electronic registration form: http://de.amiando.com/CoDEParticipants
To complete the registration, a credit card payment of the conference fee (150 €), which covers the conference package, lunches, and dinners, will be required.

Information about accommodation in Mannheim is provided in the section "Accommodation".

Please be aware that the registration deadline is September 14, 2012.


Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)
Sandra Gottschalk · Bettina Müller · Diana Heger · Martin Murmann
Research Department Industrial Economics and International Management
P.O. Box 10 34 43 · 68034 Mannheim · Germany
E-mail: entrepreneurship2012@zew.de


04.10.2012 - 05.10.2012

Location of the Event

ZEW, L 7,1 D-68161 Mannheim


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