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 For low-wage earners, working overtime often doesn’t pay.

Increases in income among low-wage earners in Germany are more heavily taxed than that of top earners. This is due to the combination of a number of factors in the tax, contribution and transfer system. This is the result of a recent study carried out by the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) on behalf of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

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Springer Scientific Book Series: China Competence for Researchers Published

For the Federal Minister of Research Professor Johanna Wanka and her Ministry, the cooperation with China is an “inevitable opportunity”. China is highly committed to promoting scientific excellence. Therefore, research collaborations with China are becoming ever more important. Successful cooperation with Chinese researchers requires, however, careful preparation. To this end, Barbara Hey and Manuel Lauer from the ZEW Service Department “Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programmes” have compiled a China compendium published by Springer as part of the “essentials” book series. The newly published essential „China-Kompetenz für Wissenschaftler“ (“China Competence for Researchers”) aims to provide researchers with country-specific socio- and intercultural knowledge that is crucial for research collaborations.

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Professor Nicolas de Roos is a visiting researcher at ZEW’s Research Group Competition and Regulation from 21 July to 29 September, 2017. He is associate professor with the School of Economics at the University of Sydney in Australia. His research interests focus on industrial organisation, applied microeconomic theory and dynamic models. During his stay, he studies tacit initiations of collusions in the retail market for gasoline in Perth, Western Australia. Furthermore, he concentrates on developing a model of collusion in which consumers have limited ability to compare rival products. Here he examines the strategic incentives for firms to engage in obfuscation. Nicolas de Roos will hold a ZEW Research Seminar on equilibrium selection in the retail gasoline industry. His research results inform the theory of collusion, with particular relevance for the initiation of collusion and equilibrium selection.

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As the upcoming Bundestag elections in Germany draw nearer, state pensions have again become a key issue for the main political parties. While the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) has laid out its own plans for pension reform in their election manifesto, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) has suggested the implementation of a cross-party pension commission after the election. One controversial item up for debate are measures to counteract the rise in poverty among the elderly in Germany.

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Signed by almost 200 countries, the Paris Climate Agreement represents a milestone in the global fight against climate change. US President Donald Trump recently announced that the United States would withdraw from the climate agreement. The European Union still believes in adhering to the pact and intends to exceed its climate goals. ZEW environmental economist Sebastian Voigt offers his thoughts on the potential impact of the US withdrawing from the agreement and the consequences this might have for global climate policy.


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